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Welcome Shipmates, Spouses, Kids:

We are getting together in Wilmington North Carolina for a reunion. If you know anything about the crew or the USS McCloy, you know this will not be an ordinary weekend at the ocean.

Men will arrive in Jet planes and Greyhound buses. They will come from the red states and the blue states. They will have cruise books, ball caps and zippo lighters. You will hear words seldom spoken in “the Real World.” There will be belly laughs, tales told, and maybe a salty tear shed.

For one little window of time all of the trappings and barriers of life will fade, and we will be one crew again. It’s magic and it certainly will be the poorer for each of us if you don’t make it. Tell your daughter to get married any other weekend, reschedule your surgery, do whatever you have to do… we expect you to cross the quarterdeck on time…. perhaps one last time… for muster instruction and inspection.

September 16th 2016 – September 18th 2016

12 thoughts on “Reunion Association

  1. Great start Phil~!!

    Mentioned to Matt that we should also have a FB page– he said you had brought that up also.

    I suggest setting a “Community Organization” page (I did one for my league– it works best for the group). Further: numerous people can be assigned as administrators of that page.

    1. There are already 3 McCloy groups on Facebook…. I would rather see them consolidate than add another. I am going to work through the one that already exists.

  2. In my days, ’70-’72, a ton of my guys were from the NY, NJ, PA & Boston. NY is out…way too expensive, but I wouldn’t mind Newport or Norfolk. Newport isn’t the dump it used to be when it was an active destroyer town. It’s quite a beautiful spot now. Norfolk has the fantastic Nautica museum, plus the USS Wisconsin tied up to it. And it has Busch Gardens and Colonial Williamsburg nearby.

    1. So far we have people from all over. Virginia, and Pennsylvania have the lead. Once we get a list we can get people to vote on where they want to meet. I personally would be happy to go to Florida.

  3. I served on the McCloy from August of ’66 thru april of’69. I remember that eating chow in heavy seas used to be an adventure. you had to time your mouthfuls of food so that you could keep your mess tray level and not douse or get doused by the guy sitting next to you. In reply to a question of what the slang name was for creamed chipped beef, it was “foreskins on toast” I hopes this helps. I hope that there will be more “snipes” there at our next reunion. Although I was made to feel welcome, I still felt a little lonely without my brother engineers present. Thank you Terry, Jim,and Toby for making Peggy and I feel right at home.

  4. I would love to see the Newport area for our next reunion,but I’m prejudiced. I live Thirty minutes south of Boston in Holbrook, Mass.

  5. I am still lobbying for Orlando. Great vacation area, plenty of rooms, access to theme parks and was once sailor town when RTC and several Naval Schools. Atlantic Ocean, 45 – 60 miles east, Gulf approx. 85 miles west, Lots to do and I live here as does Terry Coleman.

  6. Well, it doesn’t look like a lot of folks use this site but anyway. I served aboard the McCloy from 1968 – 1970. At that time I was a BT 3, but later I changed my rate and became a MR, finishing my career as MRCS. As far as a reunion, I went to the one that was in Norfolk some years ago. And since I live in Virginia and am only 90 miles away I don’t care to go there again. Newport, RI, Wilmington, NC. are good locations.

  7. I was on the Mighty Mac from 69 to 71! I live 13 hours from Wilmington. 4 hrs from Fall River Mass just outside Newport.
    Battle ship USS Massachusetts is there. Newport is near buy and is a great New England town!

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