2016 Reunion

We had a great reunion in Wilmington NC.

It was well attended by sailors from 3 decades.   There was a camaraderie in that room that I have never seen before.  It was like each one of us felt a tremendous honor to be among the others.

We have thousands of photos to find their way to this site.  We are going to gather as much as we can so the guys that couldn’t make it will be as much a part of us now as they were then.

Here is a video that represents some of the attendees:

7 thoughts on “2016 Reunion

  1. Thanks Phil for working this reunion. My wife Linda and I are planning to attend and are looking forward to a great time!

  2. Lori and I will be there, can’t wait to see everyone, Thanks Phil for organizing things, let me know if I can assist

  3. Why is the last day two years later? (Sunday September 18,2018) ???

    LOL… I know it’s a typo, my friend, but I wouldn’t be a squid without that sarcastic jibe!

    Love ya, Phil, you’re awesome!

  4. Don’t know if my website will show up here, or not, but it will exist for another 5 months or so. There’s not much there to interest anyone other than my music player. It’s a good selection of tunes, but you can skip songs you hate. Thinking about reworking that site to make it unspecific to the online gaming league I once ran from it. (I’ll take suggestions!)

    Thanks, all.

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